We grabbed lunch with our relatives, drove by a political rally, and visited one of the first forts established during Spanish control of the Philippines. 

The topic of imperialism and colonialism definitely got my blood boiling, and it did not help that my relatives were talking badly of the protesters, but it also made me think about how differently my life(if I were even born) would be if all of that never even occurred in history.

Later on, my dad and I walked to this chicken place to grab food and I was just admiring the hustle and bustle of city life. I definitely wish I had cousins here who were were my age so they could take me out to experience the night life. This club we passed by was bumping music, and all I wanted to do was go in and dance and drink. 

On another note, isn’t my little cousin adorable? 


CESAR BUENAVENTURA, Cockfight with Men
Oil on canvas, 1969
Jack and Ariella Nasser Collection

ZABLAN (sgd.), Street Scene
Oil on canvas, Undated
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Collection


Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) presented the first in-depth exhibition on “Mabini Art”, a genre in Philippine painting that developed in the 1950’s. Identified with artists who set up shops at Mabini Street in Ermita, Manila, the label eventually acquired a derogatory meaning particularly for its highly commercial nature.


July 5, 2014


My new friends during our trip to Kasa Boix